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Crittenden Partners is a partnership between Crittenden Research, Inc. and Cypress Magazines, Inc. 

Alan Crittenden founded Crittenden Research in 1972, with the launch of the Crittenden Report, a newsletter that covers real estate financing. The company eventually moved into other real estate markets, including golf, and insurance. The company also began hosting conferences in the 1980s. 

Jack Crittenden, Alan's son, founded Cypress Magazines in 1991 with the launch of The National Jurist, a magazine for law students. The company took over operation of Golf Inc. in 1998 and launched preLaw magazine in 1999. 

Alan Crittenden retired in 2020 and the two companies entered into a joint operating agreement in October 2020. 

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We believe in the power of knowledge. We believe that when people are given greater light and knowledge they make better decisions — decisions that help them run a better business, lead a better life and help those around them. We believe in the goodness of humanity, and it’s our mission to enlighten, empower and inspire people to lead better lives and make decisions that improve the lives of others.

We strive to run an ethical, professional yet down-to-earth company. We care about our employees and believe that the Company's achievements in the future will be a reflection of the talent, competence, dedication and commitment of each team member.

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